SCHOOL NEWS: Robert Blake celebrates second best-ever GCSE results

SCHOOL NEWS: Robert Blake celebrates second best-ever GCSE results

THE headteacher of the Robert Blake Science College in Bridgwater has congratulated her students on their fantastic GCSE results.

Students arrived at the school on Thursday (August 23,2018) morning to receive their exam results and there were plenty of smiles – albeit along with a few tears – among the young people.

Headteacher Deb Loveridge said: “Congratulations to our many hardworking, dedicated students who have achieved fantastic results.SCHOOL NEWS: Robert Blake celebrates second best-ever GCSE results

“We are proud to celebrate the second best set of results that Robert Blake has ever seen with 50% of students gaining a standard pass, including English and maths,” she said. “This continues our journey of improvement.”

Miss Loveridge added: “Some of the individual student performances are superb.  There are notable achievements in a number of subject areas and as with every year we are delighted by many individual students’ success stories, which we look forward to sharing with you in the future.

“Whilst acknowledging the enormous achievements of the most able is very important, what gives us the greatest pleasure is the consistent progress that many of our students make irrespective of their ability or starting point.  This was evident on their faces when they collected their results.

“The students and teachers have had to cope with many changes to the examination system, so we are really grateful for the fabulous dedication of our students, the support we receive from their parents and the wider community, and the wonderful commitment of our staff.  Thank you to everyone who has worked relentlessly to help each of our students to perform at their best.”

Miss Loveridge concluded: “As a truly inclusive school, with uncompromisingly high standards and expectations, we support, nurture and celebrate every single student’s achievements.  We look forward to further success in the future as we continue to Aspire, Achieve, Celebrate.”

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