BRIDGWATER NEWS: Family nearly “taken out” on crossing by crazy driver

BRIDGWATER NEWS: Family nearly “taken out” on crossing by crazy driver

A PARENT was left horrified when a reckless motorist decided to overtake another driver who had stopped at a zebra crossing near a school on the outskirts of Bridgwater to let people get across the road safely.

The incident happened at about 8.45am on Tuesday (March 20, 2018) at the zebra crossing on Inwood Road leading to Wembdon St George’s Primary School.

“I can’t believe I have just witnessed a man overtake someone else who had stopped at the school zebra crossing just now,” said the parent.

And the parent, in a direct comment to the motorist concerned, added: “You sir – are an absolute ****. You almost took out a whole family going to school.

“The lollipop man wasn’t there today and this just proves how much he is needed.”

People have been quick to support the parent’s condemnation of the motorist involved and – miraculously by the grace of God – nobody was injured or killed.

The incident has been reported on Wembdon Parish Council’s social media Facebook page and an appeal has been made for anyone who witnessed it and might have more details about the offending vehicle and its registration to come forward.

People have said they are concerned about the high speed of traffic in that area – especially in Wembdon Rise.

The parish council would support the setting-up of a Community Speedwatch group in the area which could deter reckless driving – but it needs the support of volunteers.

Parish clerk Tony Jay, speaking on Facebook, said: “We’ve spent a lot of money on a Speed Indication Device (SID) which volunteers move around the village.

“This records the speeds of vehicles travelling in the area. The recorded speeds are sometimes shocking and are reported to the monthly parish council meetings and the police.

“If you care about the speeds of vehicles in the village then why not volunteer to be part of a Community Speedwatch or SID team.”

People need to contact Mr Jay for further information – email him at .

Anyone with information about the school crossing incident please contact police on 101.