SCHOOL NEWS: Megan skips for cancer charity

SCHOOL NEWS: Megan skips for cancer charity

A BRIDGWATER student has skipped 100 times a day for a month in England and France to raise £120 for a cancer charity.

Inspirational Year Nine Robert Blake Science College student Megan Little independently organised the feat of doing 3,100 skips after watching her aunty successfully conquer cancer.

She skipped 100 times a day for a whole month - and even had to skip while visiting a relative who was taken poorly in France.

She has now collected £120 for Cancer Research after being sponsored by friends, family, teachers and others.

Megan, who is passionate about history, baking, sports, football and surfing, is now growing her hair extremely long and plans to cut it off to raise money for other cancer charities.

Megan said: “My aunty survived cancer so I wanted to do the sponsored skip after knowing what she went through and we went through during the illness.

“In France I had to skip 100 times a day and also around three dogs which wasn’t easy - but it was all worth it.”

PHOTOS – TOP: Student Megan Little with Robert Blake Science College headteacher Deb Loveridge and Megan in skipping action.

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