BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town falls silent to remember those that paid the ultimate price

BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town falls silent to remember those that paid the ultimate price

THE people of Bridgwater converged on King Square on Sunday (November 12, 2017) to pay homage to those from the town who had lost their lives in the First World War, Second World War and subsequent conflicts.

The list of names of those from Bridgwater lost during the First World War of 1914-18 and then in the Second World War of 1939-45 makes sombre reading.

In the grand scale of things of world wars, Bridgwater played a very small part on the global stage – but when you look at the numbers of people from the town who were killed; it makes you appreciate the true magnitude of death and misery created by war around the globe.

There was a two-minute silence at the War Memorial in King Square at 11am during which time a large gathering of people – young and old - stood and remembered those who had fallen. It was followed by a parade and service at St Mary’s Church.

Similar acts of remembrance were held at ceremonies across Sedgemoor and throughout Somerset and the country as a whole.

The Remembrance Day service commemorations at the War Memorial with the laying of wreaths in Bridgwater were led by the Mayor of  Bridgwater, Cllr Graham Granter, Sedgemoor District Council chairman Cllr Mike Cresswell, and Bridgwater MP Ian Liddell-Grainger.BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town falls silent to remember those that paid the ultimate price Photo 1

We will remember them: Those who gave their lives during the 1914-18 First World War: James Stoker Adams; Albert James Adams; Sidney Allen; William Andrews; Denis Patrick Anglin; Joseph Anglin; John Anglin; Frank Arthur; H. Ashton; Albert Baker; Pte Ernest Edward Baker; Cpl Ernest  Edward Baker; Harry Bale; William Banwell; Clifford Barber; Joseph Edward Barnard; Herbert James Barnes; Sidney Frank Bawler; Arthur William Beard; Robert John Benjamin Beer; Horace Bell; John Bell; Albert George Bellringer; Jonathan Biddiscombe; Harry Biffen; Ernest William Billing; James Bird; Gerald Clement William Bishop; Frederick Blackburn; Sydney Board; Frederick William Bone; William George Bonney; Cecil Henry Bowyer; W. J. Bradbeer; Percy Brake; Frederick James Brimson; Ernest Edward Britton; E. Britton; William Knowles Broad; Stanley Albert Broughton; Albert John Brooks; Clifford Brooks; Reginald Brooks; Edward Rudolph Bullock; Leonard Burge; William Henry Burge; James Burgess; Edward James Burke; Rolland Alister Burnell; David Butt.

Harry Caple; William James Caple; Sidney Walter Carver; Ernest Wyndham Cattle; Frederick Thomas John Cattle; Charles Norman Chard; Clifford Edward Chedzey; Robert G. Chick; Walter John Chick; William Chick; Walter Thomas Chidgey; Sidney James Chinn; Oliver Job (John Canada) Chubb; Charles James Cockerell; W. R. Coggan; Albert Coles; E. Collard; William Henry Conduit; D. W. Coombes; George Henry Cousins; Tom Cox; William Creech; Henry J. T. Creedy; Henry James Cross; Arthur Edward Crossman; Sidney Francis Crossman; Cecil Culverwell; Thomas James Culverwell; Henry Cummings; John Cummings.

William John Dart; Henry Davey; William Arthur David; Arthur Denning; William John Charles Dennett; Reginald Francis Arthur Dennett; Samuel Ernest Dewdney; C. Dibble; Harry Dingley; George William Doble; Frederick James Dowdeswell; Charles Duddridge; Henry Duddridge; Frederick John Durrant; B. Dyer; Bernard Dyke; Charles Henry Dymond; John Maxwell Edgar; Edwin John Elver; Frank Emery; Robert Evans; Henry James Farthing; Henry Fender; Willie Fender; Bertie Fender; Percy Fooks; Donald Keith Forbes; Albert Ford; Tom Ford; Walter George Ford; Walter George Forgan; Clifford Foster; Albert John Fowler; H. Frampton; John Willis French; Austin Clifford French; Clifford Frost; Clarence Vivian Clements Fry; Arthur John Fudge; Henry Charles Fudge; Joseph Leonard Fursland.

Ernest Edward Gabriel; Douglas Galley; W. H. Gamlin; William Gardener; Frederick Gaylor; William Clifford Gilbert; Thomas Hedley Gillson; W. A. Gillson; J. Godden; Leslie Maurice Lewis Goodland; Samuel Gordge; Percy John Grey; Albert W. Gully; Frank Gunningham.BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town falls silent to remember those that paid the ultimate price Photo 2

Charles Douglas Hagon; Jesse Haines; Fred Hake; Charles Hales; C. Hale; Gilbert Charles Drummond Hallett; Frank Bovett Helps; Charles Hamblin; Charles W. Hampson; Ernest Hannaford; Walter Hannaford; Bertie Hansford; Benjamin Harris; William John Harris; E. B. Hartnell; Francis James Harwood; Clifford Wyndham Haste; Francis Ralph Hawkins; Austin Hayman; Ernest Charles Haysham; Harry Haysham; Harry Haysham; Alexander Cameron Heard; Albert Hill; Fred Hobbs; Frederick Hobbs; Frederick Henry Hobbs; Frederick Hobbs; Arthur William Hodges; Charles Harry Hodges; Haford Holder; William Hornsby; Frederick James Howe; John Hoyal; Clifford Hubbard; F. C. Hurford; Percy Albert Hurford; William Hurford; F. Hurley; Alfred B. Iley; Herbert John Iley; Alfred Irish; William Edward James; Frederick Jarrett; Charles Edwin Jarvis; Frederick Jarvis; Leo Charles Jarvis; David Jennings; Tom Jennings; William Charles Jennings.

Edgar Keep; Harry James Keirle; William Keirle; Joseph Richard Kerslake; Joseph King; William King; William King; Tom Law; Ernest Robert Legg; William Robert Legg; Fred William Leigh; Cecil John Letherby; Ernest Lewis; Samuel Lock; John Lomax; Lawrence Castano; Ernest Lucas; Arthur Oswald Major; Frederick Manchip; Mathew Manchip; Walter Stanley Manchip; William Manchip; Arthur George Manley; Cecil Eric Manley; William Charles Manning; Frederick Charles Marchant; Harold Francis Margetts; Henry Edwin Margetts; William Henry Margetts; Alfred Marks; Walter John Marks; Albert George Mead; Ernest John Meade; Edmund George Millard; Joseph John Milton; Robert Mitchell; Harold George Moore; Henry Morgan; William James Mounsher; Frederick Mountstephens; Robert George Jennings Mulford.

Tom Nash; Herbert C. P. Nicholls; Walter Edwin Norrish; Gerald Victor Novak; John Stanley Nurton; Lawrence James O’Brien; Ernest Albert Parker; Ernest Palmer; Harry Palmer; Richard Palmer; Walter Henry Palmer; Alexander Clifford Parsons; Albert Parsons; Edwin Parsons; William Edward Parsons; William Henry Passmore; Patteson; Robert Stoker Payne; Percy Payne; Stanley Arthur Robert Pearce; William Henry Pearn; G. H. Penfold; Frank Herbert Perrett; Walter Perry; H. Phillips; William George Phillips; William John Phillips; A. Pitman; Edward Pitman; Victor Pitman; Robert Pocock; Arthur Leonard Pole; David Pole; Frederick Pope; Edward John Porter; Harold William Posnett; Herbert Harry Potter; Albert Francis Pow; Robert Pratt; Alfred William Prew; Walter Pugsley; Albert Edward Rabjohns; Charles William Randall; George Charles Randall; James William Randall; Clifford Redding; Henry Redding; P. M. Reed; Stephen Reed; William Thomas Renwick; Francis Frederick Herbert Rich; Alfred George Richards; Roland Roberts; Robert Roberts; Samuel Roberts; Walter James Roman; G. S. Rosier; Henry Samuel Rossitter; Harold William Thomas Rowles; Leonard Arthur John Rowles; William Russell. BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town falls silent to remember those that paid the ultimate price Photo 3

Reginald Bailey Saunders; Victor Valentine Sear; Jesse Selley; Edmund Charles Sellick; Richard Henry Sellick; Marmaduke Sidney Selway; Edward Senior; Clifford Shaddick; Stanley James Southwood; J. R. Steadman; Percy Short; Richard Kenneth Shrimpton; George Robinson Silby; Henry Alfred George Silke; Pte Sydney Smith; Air Mechanic Sydney Smith; Stanley James Southwood; Bert Spragg; Edwin Spraggs; Albert Ernest; Albert Henry Spring; J. R. Steadman; Charlie Stone; Henry John Stone; Arthur Storey; Frederick Storey; John Storey; Francis John Sully; Edward Charles Sweet; R. C. Symons; C. F. Tambling; Charles Henry Taylor; W. H. Taylor; Francis Felix Banks Thomas; William Thorne; William Tincknell; Henry Tottle; Walter James Tottle; Walter Ricks Treliving; Walter Benjamin Trunks; Clifford Turner; Robert Turner; Sidney Joseph Turner; John Valentine.

Bertie James Vickery; W. G. Vickery; Charles Vowles; Bertie Walford; Alfred Charles Walters; Thomas Ware; Ernest William Warren; Sidney John Warren; Clifford Washer; Dennis Webb; Francis Henry Webb; William Francis Webber; William Norman Wellman; Harry Weston; Major C. Willcox; Charles Williams; Thomas Williams; Thomas Winslade; Arthur John Winter; Ernest James Wood; William Alfred Woodbury; T. W. Woodward; Bertie Albert Woollan; William Henry Wright; Arthur Wyatt; Frederick John Young; William Charles Young.BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town falls silent to remember those that paid the ultimate price Photo 4

Second World War: Harold Charles Bater; Mervyn Kennth Binding; Wilfred Arthur Blackmore; Stanley Bowerman; Harry Brokenshire; David Thomas Bull; William Alfred Byrd; Brian Chilcott; Cyril William Conolly; Charles Criddle; Alfred John Croker; Ronald Cecil Alexander Crouch; Cecil Frank Deadman; Harry Doughty; R. Giles; Alfred George Gill; Frederick Wilfred Greedy; Arthur Henry Greenwood; John William Haines; Clifford Harris; Kenneth Allan Hayward; Herber Dennis John Hill; Leonard George Hooper; Robert Cecile Hooper; Ronald James Hughes; David Picton Hurst; Frederick Tom Jennings; Frederick Lovell; Arnold Rowland Manchip; Albert Edward Manley; Frederick John Marks; Cecil Redvers Melhuish; Rothes Gerald Novak; Hugh John James O’Donnell; Edgar Trevor Oliver; Dennis Christopher O’Riordan.

Sydney Robert Paddick; Clifford William George Parker; Frederick Charles Passcoe; Victor George Pinnock; William Redwood; David George Rees; George Edwin Ridgway; Henry John Roman; Bert Russell; Harold Arthur Russell; Henry James Setter; Clifford Smith; Edward George Smith; Albert William Sprouting; Timothy Anthony Victor Hugh Sutherland-Clift; Alan Raymond Swayne.

Henry George Charles Tucker; Vincent Ronald Vignaux; Linaker James Welland; Charles Frederick William West; Samuel George West; Sidney John Whitelock; Norman Witheridge; Roland Robert Young.

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