CARNIVAL 2017: Carnival committee apologise for live streaming failure and offer to pay refunds on donations

CARNIVAL 2017: Carnival committee apologise for live streaming failure and offered to pay refunds on donations

BRIDGWATER Carnival Committee has apologised for the failure of its live streaming on social media of the procession on Saturday (November 4, 2017) evening for those who could not watch it in person and has offered to refund any donations made.

The live streaming of Bridgwater Carnival 2017 was dogged with technical difficulties and organisers had to eventually admit defeat and it was cancelled.

Not the committee has issued an apology.

“We would like to offer our sincere apologies to those who were hoping to watch the procession using the service,” said a Carnival spokesman on Sunday (November 5, 2017.

“Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to overcome some of the problems we encountered with last year’s free streaming. For 2017, we hired a professional satellite company to provide us with a dedicated connection however, frustratingly, technical difficulties with the satellite link forced us to cancel the streaming.

“We would like to apologise to anyone who was unable to attend the procession and had hoped to watch from home.

“We would also like to offer any of those that made an online donation through PayPal, hoping to watch the procession, a full refund.

“Please email with your surname and amount donated.”

The spokesman added: “We want to take the opportunity to thank Somerset Web Services and Maniac Films for their help with the project over the last 12 months. Last night’s issues were not associated with either of their services.

“Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience and, once again, we are sorry that some of you were not able to enjoy the Carnival as you had hoped.”

All was not lost, however, as there were some other live streams going out on social media for people to watch the Carnival from the comfort of their own homes around the world.

The official Bridgwater Carnival 2017 DVD is not affected by the issues experienced with the live streaming.