BRIDGWATER NEWS: Don’t let your dogs be noisy neighbours

BRIDGWATER NEWS: Don’t let your dogs be noisy neighbours

NEIGHBOURS have been relieved after being told that Sedgemoor District Council had successfully prosecuted a dog owner in Bridgwater for the breach of a noise abatement notice.

After years of putting up with consistent barking and straying dogs from a house in Westonzoyland Road, Bridgwater, neighbours were relieved that Sedgemoor District Council successfully prosecuted the owner for the breach of the notice at Taunton Magistrates Court.

A Sedgemoor spokesman said: “The notice had been served in June 2016, as a result of the resident allowing multiple dogs in her possession to bark uncontrollably and regularly throughout the day from her premises causing a statutory nuisance in the neighbourhood.

“Despite serving the noise abatement notice, complaints were still being received by Sedgemoor District Council about the noise levels from barking dogs affecting people’s quality of life, causing stress and sleeplessness.

“The resident was contacted on several occasions, to request that the dog barking is controlled, however the nuisance continued.”

The case was heard in her absence and the Magistrates imposed a fine of £2,000 (£400 for each of the five offences) and they were ordered to pay £125 costs to the council.