BRIDGWATER NEWS: Westover mural takes shape

BRIDGWATER NEWS: Westover mural takes shape

COUNCILLORS in the Westover area of Bridgwater have responded to residents’ requests to change the mural on the Wessex Water pumping station building on the junction of Old Taunton Road and Broadway.

People said they would like to see the mural have something that would reflect the heritage and promote the culture of the town.

Cllrs Brian Smedley, Kathy Pearce and Pat Morley put in a bid for funding through Bridgwater Town Council and approached local artist Rachel Gundry to take on the project and now, with ideas and help from residents, the project is underway.

Rachel said: “I am getting a great response from everyone who passes and some are offering to help. I could do with a few more artists to lend me a hand and I’ll be there next for a  full week from September 17-22, 2017.

“The project has relied on extensive research, design, re-drawing and involvement from local people because I want to get it right and with more local people  seeing the painting as it is taking shape means their comments have been so supportive and positive.”

Cllr Brian Smedley, who is town council leader, visited the site to see how the work was getting on and was impressed.

“What is important about this location is it can be seen not just by the residents who have to live with the results - so that’s why it’s important that they are part of its creation - but by the traffic on the Broadway, which makes it a perfect spot for promoting the town,” he said.

“The mural that Rachel has come up with is including not just scenes from around the town and the natural environment but also composite scenes from Bridgwater’s proud history. I think it’s a great project.”

PHOTO – TOP LEFT: Artist Rachel Gundry explains the plans to Cllr Brian Smedley.

PHOTO – TOP RIGHT: Resident Dawn Difazio drops in to help artist Rachel Gundry with her mural.