SOMERSET NEWS: A bird’s eye view of Taunton’s falcons

SOMERSET NEWS: A bird’s eye view of Taunton’s falcons

ROOSTING birds of prey at a Taunton landmark are to get help on the housing ladder thanks to public funds.

Taunton Deane Borough Council is planning to contribute £3,500 towards the £7,000 costs of providing a nest box for peregrine falcons that have set up home at St Mary Magdalene Church tower and a webcam so people can get a bird’s eye view.

The peregrine falcons have become a real talking point in town and they have an extra benefit in scaring away pesky pigeons and gulls.

The grant is one of several recently approved by the Taunton Unparished Area Committee that allocates money collected by the Council for Taunton-specific, community focused groups and projects.

Their recommendations are submitted to Cllr Jane Warmington for ratification who is the council’s spokesman for community leadership.

“The falcons have become an attraction in their own right and, if they return as expected to St Mary’s, they would have somewhere to nest and rear young,” she said.

“The webcam will give people a chance to watch these beautiful birds without disturbing them. Of course, there is the practical point that the falcons will help control pigeons and gulls that can be a nuisance.”

The agreed funding will be released once the balance has been raised by the Church.