SEDGEMOOR NEWS: Casualty very lucky to be alive

SEDGEMOOR NEWS: Casualty very lucky to be alive

LIFEBOAT personnel have said that a person had a very lucky escape on Wednesday (August 16, 2017) afternoon after suffering head injuries in a fall into the Bristol Channel.

The call-out to volunteers from Burnham lifeboat was made at just after 5.15pm and involved somebody working from a vessel near to Hinkley Point where they had fallen, hit their head in the process and had landed in the sea.

Other lifeboat personnel were on hand to help in the rescue as they were uncertain where the casualty would have been in the water due to the falling tide.

Thankfully the casualty was found and taken back to Burnham-on-Sea to awaiting ambulance paramedics.

Burnham helmsman Nick Edrich said: “The person was extremely relieved to receive lifeboat assistance.

“Given the height of the fall he was very lucky that the injury wasn’t as serious as first thought.

“He was also dressed in full safety equipment including a lifejacket which without doubt avoided what could have been a very different outcome.”