BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town council calls for more ‘visibility’ and more ‘resources’

BRIDGWATER NEWS: Town council calls for more ‘visibility’ and more ‘resources’

BRIDGWATER Town Council is writing to the Prime Minister about its concerns at the cuts to police funding.

Councillors know that Bridgwater police are doing all they can to curb crime and to reduce anti-social behaviour problems in the town – but they know that with a lack of resources they will always be fighting an uphill battle.

And so councillors have agreed to go to the top and ask the Prime Minister direct for more funds for local policing.

Sgt Joe Piscina reported at the council’s monthly meeting on Thursday (August 3, 2017) that an increased presence in trouble spots in the town in recent weeks had led to a 20 per cent decrease in the number of calls the police had received from local people and traders about anti-social behaviour.

And the council’s town clerk, Alan Hurford, said: “What this shows is that having a visible police presence is a deterrent. When you have someone there the trouble seems to stop.”

Bridgwater Mayor, Cllr Graham Granter, thanked the police for their efforts and that the council appreciated the work they did and that “we understand it takes time.”

Town council leader, Cllr Brian Smedley, moved that the town council continued to support the police actions including Binford Place remaining as a priority, additional patrols extending into West Street, increasing powers relating to anti-social behaviour given to Sedgemoor District Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstephens, investigates how satisfactory the 101 police number is.

He also said that the PCC should look into a lack of response from the police to formal complaints and to investigate the lack of drug and alcohol services to support the work of the police to address the issue of addiction.

Cllr Smedley added: “We also agreed to write to the MP (Ian Liddell-Grainger) and the PM (Theresa May) expressing concern at the cuts to police funding and to work with the police to identify the appropriate level of resources needed to properly address the issues.”

NOTE: Comments attributed to the Bridgwater Westover Web – produced by Westover’s four local councillors.

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