BRIDGWATER NEWS: Police told that more is needed to be done to curb anti-social behaviour

BRIDGWATER NEWS: Police told that more is needed to be done to curb anti-social behaviour

POLICE have been told that they should take a harder line on trouble-makers in Bridgwater and say that “enough is enough”.

The police have stepped up their patrols in the town centre in a bid to curb the ongoing problems of anti-social behaviour.

But even though people have been supportive of the actions being taken and understand that the police have issues over resources they still believe more could be done.

The call was made at Bridgwater Town Council’s monthly meeting on Thursday (August 3, 2017) where Sgt Joe Piscina announced that improvements had been made in recent weeks following a public meeting with the council and Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mounstephens back in June.

He said there had been a 20 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour calls since that meeting with extra police presence in known trouble spots such as Binford Place.

But shopkeeper Adrian Fisher quipped: “Anti-social behaviour calls are probably down because I went on holiday for a fortnight!

“The problem is obvious – when the police are there there’s no trouble and when they go, it comes back.”

Resident Steve Coram said: “There’s been progress but there’s a long way to go. When are you going to say ‘enough is enough’, ‘no more’.

“Our town is nothing short of disgusting. Firmer action is needed.”

And Mr Coram said it was hugely disappointing the minority of trouble-makers were spoiling things for the vast majority of residents.

“When you compare this to the crowds of well-behaved people out and about last weekend for the Bridgwater Quayside Festival, with no trouble at all, it’s a real shame,” he said.

Sgt Joe Piscina also told councillors that three court summonses, ten Section 35 dispersal orders and licence reviews of certain premises had also been made in recent weeks as part of the increased campaign against anti-social behaviour.

NOTE: Comments attributed to the Bridgwater Westover Web – produced by Westover’s four local councillors.

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