BUSINESS: Pot washer Dan promoted to Senior Chef de Partie

BUSINESS: Pot washer Dan promoted to Senior Chef de Partie

A CHEF at the Bower Inn in Bridgwater has been promoted this month (August, 2017) to Senior Chef de Partie after working his way up from the pot washer.

Dan Lay cycled up to the award-winning pub, restaurant and boutique hotel eight years ago, aged just 15, to ask for a job, not realising what an astute career move he was making.

The 23-year-old, who comes from Bridgwater and has Levels 1-3 in catering from Bridgwater College, said: “The Bower Inn owners Candida Leaver and Peter Starling gave me a wonderful opportunity. It really couldn’t have been better and ‘wow’ how fortunate was I to have naively come along that day in my world cup football shirt and asking cheekily for a job.

“I’d always been keen on cooking and I wanted to find out more, and what better way to do that than by working up from the very lowest role in the kitchen to one of the highest.

“Candida and Peter have invested significantly in me and my training, and have helped me gain the skills required to succeed in this environment.

“Anyone looking for a career in the industry really ought to think about working their way up as I did, it’s really worthwhile and you learn so much.

“Now I’m the Senior Chef De Partie, I’m third in line in the kitchen. It’s a wonderful feeling to be so highly thought of.”

Dan worked his way up from the pot wash, assisting with numerous kitchen duties including developing new dishes and under-going in-house and external training.

The Bower Inn is now looking for a new young chef from the area who is up and coming and wants to cook using fresh ingredients, that can follow in Dan’s footsteps.

PHOTO – TOP: Dan Lay at the Bower Inn.