LEISURE: Bridgwater's Man v Fat Football League is getting great results

LEISURE: Bridgwater's Man v Fat Football League is getting great results

WITH team names like FC LiverFailure, Black Pudding FC and Borussia Munchonaflapjack in the line-up it can only mean one thing – the Bridgwater Man v Fat Football League is back for another season.

Man v Fat Football is a football league only for men who want to lose weight. Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing – to enjoy football, lose weight and get healthier.

The Man v Fat league is decided not just on points won, but pounds lost. Support is given to every player to help them lose weight, getter fitter and enjoy football.

The Bridgwater League got underway last Thursday (July 20, 2017) and organiser Roger Smith is looking for more gents to get involved.

Since the league started in Bridgwater in May 2016 players have lost over 160 stone in weight and is looking forward to continuing those great results in the new season.

The league plays on Thursday nights from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the 1610 Rober Blake and Elmwood Leisure complex in Bridgwater.

Players take part in a 30-minute six-a-side football match each week and goals scored on the pitch are added to bonus goals gained through each player's weight loss so everybody that takes part has the opportunity to influence the overall result regardless of age, weight or footballing ability.

Men with a BMI of 27.5 or higher can register via www.manvfatfootball.org/bridgwater and clicking the "Join this league" icon.

Roger joined the league in June 2016, has gone on to drop off around three stone and has now taken on the role of coaching the Bridgwater league and its sister operation in Yeovil.

“Man v Fat Football gave me a kick up the behind and made me realise how bad my health and fitness was,” he said. “As daft as it sounds I was getting out of breath even bending over to do my socks up before I signed up and now I exercise regularly and feel so much better about myself.

“I have more energy and for the first time in years I'm able to take part in sports like football and squash each week.

“I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and would recommend it to any man. I look forward to helping as many men in Bridgwater as possible to lose weight and improve their general health and fitness”

Roger was out in the Angel Place Shopping Centre in Bridgwater earlier this month drumming up new players for the league.

Matches scheduled for this Thursday (July 27, 2017) are as follows: Borussia Munchonaflapjack v (K) FC; Doner FC v Domino’s Zagreb; Barely Athletic v Black Pudding FC; Fatsumas v FC LiverFailure.

PHOTO – TOP: Roger Smith of the Man v Fat Bridgwater Football League.