BRIDGWATER NEWS: Police out on patrol in trouble hot spot

 BRIDGWATER NEWS: Police out on patrol in trouble hot spot Binford Place

POLICE have stepped up their attempts to curb anti-social behaviour problems in the Binford Place area of Bridgwater.

It came following a meeting of the Bridgwater Town Development Forum on Thursday (June 29, 2017) in which Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, and Chief Inspector Lisa Simpson on Thursday (June 29, 2017) heard that people were growing increasingly concerned about issues in the Binford Place area which is close to Blake Gardens and the library.

Residents and town centre traders claimed that little was being done to sort out the problems and calls to the police for help were being ignored.

The police representatives at the meeting were clearly disappointed by what they heard and promised that action would be taken.BRIDGWATER NEWS: Police out on patrol in trouble hot spot Binford Place

So Bridgwater Town Council leader, Cllr Brian Smedley, was quick to congratulate the police when a “mobile police station” was positioned in Binford Place on Tuesday (July 4, 2017) morning with PC Dom Bryant on patrol.

“The police gave a commitment to the people at the Town Development meeting that they would prioritise this area and that’s exactly what they’re doing,” said Cllr Smedley.

We need to give them time to give this a chance to work. But we need to keep on top of the issue and so members of the public are invited to attend the next Bridgwater Town Council meeting on Thursday, August 3, 2017, at which the police will again be in attendance and open to further questioning.

“What was effective was that people turned up to a forum where they could express their frustration directly at the people who mattered - not just the local Police chiefs but to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who was clearly taken aback by the level of anger from the public and took up the cases raised but who also clearly said the issue was resources, which we all appreciate, but obviously it’s time to end this crazy austerity policy which is one of the main reasons frontline services are struggling.”

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